Martin Logan Motion Foundation F2. - pair

Martin Logan
The Motion Foundation F2 stands as the pinnacle of the Motion Foundation series, delivering unparalleled performance and value through its towering design. It is the premier choice for those in pursuit of an extraordinarily dynamic auditory experience. The F2 marries the second-generation Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter S with three specially engineered 6.5-inch aluminum woofers, achieving exceptional speed, precision, and clarity in sound. Its auditory brilliance is further amplified by the Folded Motion Waveguide, which ensures a seamless and accurate auditory experience by harmonizing the tweeter and midrange outputs. Ideal for those seeking superior performance and value in either a two-channel setup or a home theater configuration, the Foundation F2 excels in delivering an unmatched listening experience.

lwh: 47x33x47 mm

Weight: 26 g